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Lucia di Lamermoor

Lucia di Lamermoor
    by Giacomo Puccini

November 3 & 5, 2016 @ 7.30pm

Artistic Director, Sabatino Vacca

Stage Director, Guiseppe Macina

Main Stage, Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

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Place: The church of Sant'Andrea della Valle


Angelotti, an escaped political offender, seeks refuge in the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle where his family has a chapel. His sister, the Marchesa Attavanti, while praying for his release, has unwittingly served as a model to the painter, Mario Cavaradossi for his portrait of the Magdalen. Cavaradossi is a friend and political ally of Angelotti Floria Tosca is a singer, and she goes to the church to invite Mario Cavaradossi (her lover) to meet her after her performance in the evening. However, Tosca is unreasonably jealous, and her suspicions have been aroused, having heard Cavaradossi's speaking to someone upon her arrival.

From his hiding place, Angelotti reappears, and his escape is planned. Cavaradossi swears, even if it costs him his life, he will save Angelotti from the wicked Scarpia A cannon shot from the Castel Sant'Angelo warns that his escape has been discovered and compels him to flee; the painter exits the church with him.

Scarpia, chief of police, arrives with Spoletta and some of his men in search of the escaped prisoner. Scarpia shrewdly concludes that Cavaradossi is connected with Angelotti's escape. Tosca returns to explain to Cavaradossi that she must perform in the celebration of cantata and will not be able to meet him. Finding that Cavaradossi has left, she begins to feel suspicious. Scarpia arouses Tosca's jealousy by producing Attavanti's fan, and she departs in anger. Scarpia orders his agent to follow her.


Scarpia's room at Palazzo Farnese.

Scarpia is dining alone while celebrations are heard outside. He sends a servant to give a note to Tosca to invite her to join him when she finishes with her recital. Spoletta, his agent, enters with Cavaradossi in custody but without Angelotti, who has eluded him. Scarpia closely questions the painter, but Cavaradossi reveals nothing. Tosca arrives and the painter whispers to her not to say anything about Angelotti. Scarpia sends Cavaradossi off to be tortured, then turns his attention to Tosca She asks him what the price is to free Mario. He avows his passion for her and lasciviously demands her body, her virtue, and herself, as the price to save Mario’s freedom. Feeling as if she has no alternative, Tosca finally agrees to yield. Scarpia then orders Spoletta to organize for a mock execution of Cavaradossi, and Tosca demands a safe-conduct for herself and the painter to leave the country. While she is waiting for Scarpia to write it, she notices a knife on the table, and makes the decision to kill Scarpia rather than allow him to rape her. As he advances to embrace her, she stabs him.


Top floor of Castel Sant' Angelo where Cavaradossi is due to be shot.

Tosca enters with Spoletta and a sergeant, bringing the safe-conduct and explains to him how she killed Scarpia in order to save them both. She then explains the mock execution which she believes to be arranged for him, and with triumphant and high emotion, they begin to dream of their future together. The soldiers fire; Mario falls. Tosca playfully compliments Mario on his marvellous acting. When the executioners leave, Tosca runs to Mario and tells him to get up. When he does not respond, Tosca realizes the truth: Scarpia had never intended to spare Cavaradossi, but had given Spoletta orders to execute him. Cavaradossi lies dead. As Tosca comes to this realization, Spoletta, who has discovered Scarpia's death, enters with soldiers, denouncing her as a murderer. He comes forward to take Tosca prisoner, but she pushes him away. She then jumps from the ramparts of the castle and falls to her death

Cast List

Floria Tosca
Jessica Lane
Mario Cavaradossi

Romulo Delgado

Baron Scarpia
Nicolae Raichiu
George Ossipov
Douglas Tranquada

Production Team

Artistic Director
Sabatino Vacca
Stage Director
Guiseppe Macina
Assistant Stage Director
Gabe Graziano
Technical Director
Lighting Director
Chris Humphreys
Stage Manager
Mara Goldbloom
Construction Manager
Dan Stoyles
Costume Mistress
Amanda Eason